Showpad for Marketo

A Marketo integration partner, Showpad empowers companies to pull sales engagement insights for a more complete picture of the entire buyer journey.

See how content impacts sales

Today, digital marketers lack insight into how sales interacts with leads in the later stages of the sales cycle, leaving them with little to no data on content’s impact on sales. By pulling sales engagement insights from Showpad into Marketo, our Marketo integration paints a more complete picture of the entire buyer journey and how content is performing in a current blind spot.

Elevate the value of Marketo data

Map your marketing influence from first touch to close to support full pipeline marketing. Continuously refine lead scores throughout the sales cycle, and make your automated touchpoints as relevant as possible. Formulate smarter decisions when investing in future campaigns and content, while reducing the need for advanced BI tools to gain a single view of the customer.

Boost bottom-of-funnel efforts

With more information from our Marketo integration, digital marketers can make the next automated touchpoint as relevant as possible. For example, if a prospect views a piece of content that was shared via Showpad four times, the marketer may set a rule to send more information on the same product, helping sales at a stage that digital marketers don’t traditionally have insight.

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