Showpad for Salesforce

Increase sales productivity and close more deals, faster with Showpad’s seamless Salesforce integration. Automatically log buyer interactions, learn what best next steps will move the sales cycle forward, and get new ways to measure sales and marketing effectiveness.

Never leave Salesforce

Enhance the sales experience in Salesforce, and get better quality data and a higher user adoption as a result. Showpad for Salesforce is Lightning-ready and lets your sellers drive sales effectiveness by saving them time doing administrative tasks or searching for the right content. Let them learn how to drive any deal forward, access and share the latest sales content, and see buyers’ engagement with content — without ever leaving Salesforce.

Accelerate your sales cycle

Perfectly tailor and time your follow up with the right stakeholders. By automatically logging all sales interactions to the appropriate Salesforce opportunities and accounts, you’ll have a full overview of the content that was presented and shared, the emails sent to prospects and their interactions with shared content, and how sellers consumed learning courses. Learn how others have successfully closed deals, and share best practices among the team.

Get recommendations on next steps

Get a better understanding of what best next steps will move your sales cycle forward. See what files are best to share externally, learn from internally or other popular content to make you a trusted advisor to buyers.

Determine content ROI

Marketers can measure the ROI of content and make decisions based on measured performance. Use these insights to continually optimize existing content, create new content that will help close deals, and coach your team on best practices.

Tie sales training and coaching programs to revenue

Sales enablement can gain a deeper understanding of the ROI of training and coaching programs by mapping engagement data with revenue in Salesforce. Use these insights to continually improve your training programs and create individualized sales coaching plans.

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