The ROI of Showpad

Measuring the impact of your sales enablement strategy boils down to two things: a decrease in cost and an increase in your bottom line. 

And Showpad makes it happen quickly. Deployment takes between six and nine weeks, delivering the quickest time to value in the industry.

Don’t take our word for it.

Don’t take our word for it.

Showpad commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact™ study to independently quantify Showpad’s impact on our customers’ bottom lines.

Forrester consultants interviewed customers to understand Showpad’s benefits. These interviews were the basis for building a model customer. From there, Forrester quantified Showpad’s ROI according to its in-house methodology.


Showpad provides a quantifiable impact on the following:

Sales productivity

Sales effectiveness

Marketing productivity

Onboarding time

Increase sales productivity

Higher overall sales productivity impacts the amount of time sellers can actually spend selling. More productivity means more time spent with customers having high-quality, impactful conversations.

10 %

higher sales productivity


30 %

of time saved on admin tasks and preparation

5 x

more customer visits per rep per week

Improve sales effectiveness

Showpad makes sellers more effective. With better training and content, they will have more productive sales conversations. Better conversations result in more sales per rep as cross-sell and upsell opportunities are more easily identified.

40 %

more cross-sells and upsells

50 %

close first deals 50% faster

17 M

increase in sales in the first month of Showpad

Increase marketing productivity

Showpad makes it easier for marketers to manage content. Real-time analytics and insights help them attribute specific materials to sales and improve overall content performance. As go-to-market strategies evolve rapidly, Showpad enables marketers to quickly share and communicate updated messaging while measuring market response.

25 %

higher marketing productivity


10 %

annual savings in marketing budget

300 %

increase in content usage

Faster onboarding

Faster onboarding

Showpad makes it easier and faster to onboard new reps. Effective, scalable and quick onboarding creates value in two ways: A smoother onboarding experience and lower turnover. With better onboarding, organizations see higher quota attainment rates for new hires.


cost savings with reduced onboarding time[*]


decrease in onboarding time of sales reps[*]

By improving your teams’ productivity and effectiveness,  you can achieve:

By improving your teams’ productivity and effectiveness, you can achieve:

  • Improved customer experience[*]
  • Stronger sales and marketing alignment[*]

Loved by sellers

100 %

utilization rate by sales reps

Automatic Irrigation Showpad ROI

80 %

of salesforce became day-to-day users in first year

Jacob Douwe Egberts Showpad ROI

93 %

adoption rate among sales reps

Viessmann Showpad ROI

How does Showpad do it?

3  months

payback period

516 %

ROI of Showpad

* A Forrester Total Economic Impact™ Study Commissioned By Showpad, March 2020